Boise and Advocates for the West

Birds of Prey and Snake River

We left the Owyhee in the rain (apropos) and a bit down. Flicker (the trailer) was in disrepair and without a spare, and we had failed on our mission to visit Cedar Mt. Thankfully our next stop was Boise to see friends and visit a NAPA auto parts store.

Amazingly the rain followed us to Boise and that night brought a deluge of rain more typical of a Portland winter. In the afternoon, during a brief dry spell, we ran out to see the Birds of Prey Refuge. It’s right outside Boise and has some of the highest concentrations of nesting birds of prey in the world. We saw hawks, falcons and an eagle, but really became enamored of a fat marmot meandering along and sunning itself on the rocks. 

The next morning the sky cleared and we did what any road-weary traveler would do: hit the laundry mat. With clean clothes, we headed to NAPA to finally get the trailer lights repaired. After that we were treated to a warm bed and much-needed shower at Sam’s family friend’s house, Driek and Michael.

Our timing in Boise had been fortuitous as it coincided with Advocates for the West’s summer party. They are an amazing group of people working to protect public lands in the west. They offer legal services to environmental  groups and have a stellar win rate. It was great luck to be there to support them!

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